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The Nova 920 Series analyzers have been designed for monitoring recovered and processed gases from biogas installations. The Model 920 is specifically designed for continuous oxygen (O2) measurement. The sample conditioning system continuously removes moisture from the wet sample gas without the need for cooling water, compressed air, or failure-prone thermoelectric elements. The 920 Series comes complete with pre-filter, sample pump, flow meter, continuous moisture removal system, long-life electrochemical O2 sensor, low flow sensor, alarm relay contacts, and 4-20mA output.

Sensors / detectors are mounted in an internal dedicated enclosure which is temperature controlled to reduce drift due to ambient temperature swings. The internal sensor enclosure is removable to allow quick field change of sensors. The O2 sensor can be replaced easily in the field if necessary by the on-site technician.

Range: 0-25.0 % O2 by long-life electrochemical sensor

920A with manual calibration
920C with automatic calibration

Ranges Available

N/A 0-25.0 % O2
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