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The Nova 910 Series analyzers have been designed for monitoring recovered and processed gases from landfill sites. This equipment continuously removes moisture from the wet sample gas without the need for cooling water, compressed air, or failure-prone thermoelectric elements. The Model 914 specifically comes complete with pre-filter, sample pump, flow meter, continuous moisture removal system, infrared CO2/CH4 detector, low flow sensor, alarm relay contacts, and 4-20mA outputs for each gas measured. The sensors/detectors are mounted in an internal dedicated enclosure which is heated and temperature controlled to reduce drift due to ambient temperature swings. The internal sensor enclusure is removable to allow quick field change of the sensors.  The infra-red detector can be cleaned in the field if necessary by the on-site technician.  Environmental management packages are available to allow operation of th analyzer outdoors in temperatures from -30 °C (-22 °F) to 70 °C (158 °F).

Unit of Measure


Method of Detection

N/A NDIR infrared detector for CO2 & CH4

Ranges Available

N/A Any range between 0-50.0% and 0-100.0% CH4, CO2


N/A 0.1% on CO2 & CH4

Accuracy & Repeatability

N/A ±1% of full scale


N/A Less than 2% of full scale per month

Response Time (T-90)

N/A Less than 30 seconds not including sample line delay

Ambient Temperature Range

N/A 40 to 120°F (4 to 48°C), Lower temperatures (-5°F, -20°C) with Cold Weather Package


N/A ±1% of full scale for each gas measured

Size & Weight

N/A 24" H x 20" W x 10" D @ 90 lbs (61 x 51 x 25 cm @ 20 kg) Physical data may vary depending on options required


N/A 115 VAC, 60 Hz 220 VAC, 50 Hz

Output Options

N/A 4-20 mA into 500 ohms non-isolated standard Isolated 4-20 mA, RS232, RS485, MODBUS, Ethernet outputs


N/A High CO2, low CH4, low flow; SPDT relays with 10A contacts

Analyzer Type

N/A Landfill Gas Analyzer

Other Analysis Options

N/A BTU - BTU readout, range 0-1000 BTU H1 - H2S, range 0 - 200 PPM H2 - H2S, range 200 - 5000 PPM H3 - H2S, range 1000 - 10000 PPM (if no CO2 in sample) H4 - H2S, range 1000 - 10000 PPM (if CO2 is in sample)

Hazardous Area Rating Options

N/A Class 1, Division 2 Group BCD



    For continuous analysis of methane (CH4), and/or carbon dioxide (CO2) in recovered gases from landfill and biogas sites.



  • Easy to use manual potentiometer calibration with LCD digital displays for each gas
  • Temperature controlled sensors to reduce drift due to ambient temperature swings
  • Long life electrochemical O2 sensor
  • Modular, field-cleanable infrared CO2/CH4 detector
  • Cabinet positive-pressure kit to minimize corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) on cabinet electronics & sensors
  • Built in sample pump, pre-filter, filters, and flow meter
  • Automatic moisture removal without the use of cooling water, compressed air or failure-prone thermal-electric elements
  • Vacuum gauge and valve to allow user to measure and minimize vacuum effects if unit is vented back to blower
  • Rugged NEMA4 (IP65) enclosure
  • 4 - 20 mA outputs for each gas
  • Low flow alarm & relays



  • Gas hi/low alarms with relay contacts
  • Isolated analog, RS232, RS485, MODBUS, and Ethernet outputs available
  • Class 1 Division 2 Group BCD rated purge kit for use in hazardous areas
  • Cold weather package for operation to -20°C (-5°F)
  • Solid-state cabinet coolers that do not require instrument air



  • Ambient air for CO2 & CH4 zero
  • Analyzed calibration gas of CH4 in nitrogen with a representative balance of CO2 and N2 for CO2 & CH4 span.

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