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  • 320 Weatherproof (WP) Enclosure

    Analysis of Oxygen (O2). For checking combustion efficiency, air infiltration, and burner & control performance of furnaces, heaters and, boilers. May be used in commercial, industrial and residential settings.

  • 321 Weatherproof (WP) Enclosure

    Analysis of Oxygen (O2) concentration in industrial process gas or purging and blanket gases.

  • 325 Benchtop (BT) Enclosure

    For high accuracy analysis of trace PPM oxygen (O2) in non-corrosive process gas.

  • 322 Bench Top (BT) Enclosure

    For continuous high accuracy analysis of oxygen (O2) in process gas streams or other applications such as combustion air (O2) enrichment, (O2) defficiency analysis and many more.

  • 5000 Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

    Analysis of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), and Oxide of Nitrogen (NOx) emissions. For checking combustion efficiency, burner & control performance, and detection of air infiltration on furnaces, heaters and boilers. May be used in commercial, industrial and residential settings.

  • Model 7465P

    For checking engine exhaust emissions for diesel, gasoline, propane, or natural gas powered 2 and 4 cycle engines. Analysis of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC’s), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), Nitric Oxide (NO), and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

  • 7900P-Series

    For monitoring heat treating atmosphere gases in any combination of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Hydrogen (H2), Oxygen (O2) and dew point. Also available for other industrial processes that include hydrogen.

  • 970P Series

    For monitoring syngas and gasification atmospheres or other industrial process gases in any combination of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), hydrogen (H2), and oxygen (O2).

    The Nova 970P Series Syngas analyzers utilize a durable field cleanable three channel high stability infrared detector for the simultaneous measurement of CO, CO2, and CH4 in challenging applications such as syngas and gasification atmospheres. In addition, the analyzer can be supplied with a fully compensated thermal conductivity cell for H2. Electrochemical O2 sensor can also be supplied for measuring percent levels of oxygen in the sample gas stream. Recorder outputs are optional. The customer may choose any combination of gases to be measured.

    Ranges Available:
    0 - 2.0 %, 0 - 25.0 %, 0 - 50.0 % O2
    0 - 2.0 %, 0 - 50.0 % CO

    0 - 2.0 %, 0 - 50.0 % CO2
    0 - 2.0 %, 0 - 50.0 % CH4
    0 - 2.0 %, 0 - 50.0 % H2

    Optional Ranges:
    0 - 100.0 % CO

    0 - 100.0 % CO2
    0 - 100.0 % CH4
    0 - 100.0 % H2

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