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Continuous Sulfur Dioxide Alarm Monitors - 560 Series

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Designed to monitor ambient sulfir dioxide (SO2) near industrial processes, in confined spaces, or any other area where SO2 may be present. The Nova 560 Series Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) alarm monitors are designed for the continuous detection of SO2 in ambient air. The SO2 sensor is capable of excursions over 100 PPM with no damage. The SO2 sensor is of the disposable electrochemical type with an expected life of between 2-3 years. The sensor needs no warm up time and is ready to go as soon as the monitor is turned on.


560 Continuous SO2 Ambient Monitor
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Enclosure and Mounting Details

Model 560DR1 Sulfur Dioxide Alarm Monitor, 1 remote sensor
Model 560D Sulfur Dioxide Alarm Monitor, diffusion sensor
Model 560DR2 Sulfur Dioxide Alarm Monitor, 2 remote sensors
Model 560P Sulfur Dioxide Alarm Monitor, built-in pump
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1