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Agricultural Carbon Dioxide Analyzers - 423 Series

For continuous Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitoring and control of greenhouses, mushroom farms, controlled atmospheres for produce storage, and others.

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Automatic Sequencer - 402AS Series

Allows a single Nova gas analyzer to be time shared over many sample points. It can be controlled locally or remotely. Applications include multiple greenhouses, mushroom farms, multiple flue gas ducts, multiple landfill well or area sampling.
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Continuous Ethylene (C2H4) Alarm Monitors - 596 Series


Designed to monitor and alarm for ethylene (C2H4) levels in ambient air near agricultural sites, food & fruit storage, and controlled atmosphere storage, etc.

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Continuous Carbon Dioxide Alarm Monitors - 523 Series

For continuous carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring of controlled atmosphere (C/A) food storage rooms, breweries, wineries, food packaging plants, or any area where CO2 is handled.